Dallas Armed Robbery Victim Willing to Forgive After Teen Crime Spree

Dallas robbery victim speaks about violent teenage crime spree

Six teenagers were arrested early Sunday after a crime spree involving four separate robbery attempts, police say.

Surveillance video showed the terrifying moments a North Oak Cliff couple will likely never forget. The husband can be seen shielding his wife on the ground as they stare down the barrel of a shotgun.

Mauricio Rosas said he experienced that too, as another victim in the violent spree. 

"It looks very familiar the way he just sprints toward the person with the shotgun. Of course the clothes and everything matches perfectly,” Rosas said.

He was on the corner of Eslbeth, heading home from the Rangers game late Saturday night. He was walking from his car to his house when he said he was ambushed by a group of teens, too many to fight back.

"I'm thinking, this shotgun is this far away from my face, I can disarm him. and then I'm thinking, heck no because i'm going to be shot in the back of the head by this other guy,” he said.

On the phone with his dad at the time, he's wacked in the back of the head, then his face.

"They all ask me for my wallet, my phone. They take off my backpack, they reach in my pockets,” Rosas said.

He said the black Chevy in the video of the couple’s attack matches the one he saw. The one, Dallas Police said the teens carjacked from an apartment complex that same night. They’re also accused of robbing a pizza delivery driver. Officers said four of the suspects are 16-year-olds. The other two are 13-year-olds. One of them is female.

"That's sad. I know where these guys are coming from because I come from a broken home myself,” said Rosas, who grew up in Mexico City. 

Rosas moved to Dallas about a month and a half ago for an internship. Now 21, he said he overcame his tough beginning, so he's willing to be a mentor. He hopes the teens can turn their lives around.

"I'm willing to speak to these young men and show them some grace because I've been forgiven before and therefore I must forgive.” he said.

On Sunday morning, Mesquite police located the vehicle taken by the teens -- a black Chevy Malibu -- and attempted a traffic stop, Dallas police said. The teenagers fled in the car until they crashed in the 2000 block of Rayburn Avenue in Mesquite.

Police said all six teenagers were arrested and turned over to Dallas police detectives. The driver faces an evading arrest charge and a criminal trespass charge in Mesquite, on top of any other possible charges stemming from the Oak Cliff crimes.

Since the suspects are juveniles, police did not release their names.

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