Apartment Enforces 9 p.m. Curfew — For Everyone

A North Dallas apartment complex is taking big measures to curb crime.

Management at The Creekwood Village Apartments on Audelia near Skillman sent out a letter to residents notifying them of the complex's strict 9 p.m. curfew.

"I just read briefly over it," said resident and mother of three Lakeisha Winn. "It said there's a 9 o'clock curfew, everybody needs to be in."

The rule doesn't mean that the residents have to be home by 9 p.m., but that no one can be hanging out on the property after 9 p.m. -- they need to be inside.  

Managers say in the notice that the rules are in place to ensure safety, and residents who are in violation could possibly be evicted.

While some question the policy, others think it's a good idea.

"My last apartment that I stayed in, my house was broken into," said resident Dedrick Brady. "So if it keeps down crime and (has) less people hanging out, i think it's cool."

Winn disagreed. "I don't think grown-ups should have a curfew," she said. "I can see with the kids having a curfew, but grown-ups, no."

Creekwood Village has asked Dallas Police to help enforce the policy.

While officers say they do assist apartment complex by patrolling the area, they only enforce actual laws.

"They're just trying to keep the crime down." Brady said. "Plus with summer coming, that's when all the theft is up, cars get stolen. So I think it's cool. I got a brand new truck. I don't want nobody stealing my truck."

The management at Creekwood Village, refused to comment on the curfew.

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