Cycling Track in Frisco Going Away To Make Room for Growth

Frisco is home to many professional sports venues.

Soon, the city's first may be gone.

The Superdrome has been a destination for amateur and professional cyclists for the past 20 years.

It even hosted the U.S. Olympic cycling trials in 2000.

This week, the City of Frisco and Collin College announced it will end their management agreement this month meaning the gates of the historic venue could soon lock for good.

“I think to see it demolished would be a shame,” said cyclist Abbey Robinson.

The Superdrome sits on the Collin College campus in Frisco, a school that's grown by almost 400 percent since the track opened in 1998.

Removing it allows the college to re-purpose the land and expand.

“Space is at a premium, and availability of the land where the track currently exists will accommodate our expansion plans.” said Dr. Neil Matkin, Collin College district president.

Bridget Tooley, 15, and her brother Beckett, 13, train on the track.

He is a reigning national champion. She brought home silver and bronze.

“I was shocked and devastated,” Bridget said. “[In] two years, I can go to world. I can still compete, but it’s going to be harder to train.”

The City of Frisco says the decision was based, in part, on a decline in use and the cost of upkeep.

“We recognize our city and the college have evolved over the past two decades,” said Henry Hill, Deputy City Manager, in a press release. “Our community is shifting emphasis to recreational and road biking. While we’re proud and appreciate the contributions of the ‘Superdrome’ to our community, the viable life cycle of the facility has reached the end of its life in Frisco. We agree it’s not efficient for us to continue to invest and maintain the facility.”

Supporters are collecting signatures to sharing the hashtag #SavetheSuperdrome.

They’d like to see it relocated.

A final ride is scheduled for Sunday at 2 p.m.

Collin College says they have not made any decisions on what will happen to the track.

The City of Frisco says it's fielded questions about the possibility of relocating it.

There are less than 30 velodromes left in the U.S.

The second track in Texas is in Houston.

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