Customer Records Video of Black Friday Madness at Saginaw Wal-Mart

The video shows more than 10 Wal-Mart associates and four uniformed, off-duty police officers trying to control the situation.

A customer shopping at a Saginaw, Tex., Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving recorded video of commotion inside the store from shoppers seeking deep discounts.

Joseph Solis, 21, went to the store Thursday night to purchase a television with his aunt and his cousin, when he noticed a commotion as an 8 p.m. sale began on DVD/Blu-Ray combo players, speakers and GPS units.

"And something just told me take out your phone and record this, because most of the time when people gather around like this something is bound to happen," Solis said.

Solis, and other shoppers, witnessed was a scrimmage as shoppers tried to grab merchandise.

As a result, at least one man was injured.

"It was kind of like 'The Hunger Games.' It was just like everyone just rushed towards the middle and that was it," Solis said.

Shoppers are seen pushing, shoving and knocking over store displays on video for more than three minutes.

The video shows more than 10 Wal-Mart associates and four uniformed, off-duty Saginaw police officers trying to control the situation.

Please be advised that the YouTube video does contain graphic language. 

At about the 2:24 point in Solis' video, you can see one of those officers, and who appears to be a customer, help an injured man out of the crowd. The man is limping and appears to be favoring his right arm.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson described a scene captured at a Saginaw store Thanksgiving night in thevideo as an "isolated incident."

In a statement to NBC 5 in response to the incident, Wal-Mart spokesperson Kayla Whaling said:

"This was an isolated incident at this store and was not a representation of the experience the vast majority of our stores had last night."

Solis, a sociology major at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, said he did not expect to witness what he did.

"None of it had to happen. This was out of control," Solis said. "Humans shouldn't act like this."

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