Crossing Guard Missing, Dallas Parents Worried About Their Kid's Safety

A group of Dallas parents say a busy intersection near an elementary school has been missing its crossing guard the last two days.

The intersection of Walnut Hill Lane and Abrams Road is just yards from Richardson ISD’s Merriman Park Elementary and in recent years the district says it has had a crossing guard.

“We’ve had a crossing guard, this is the first two days we’ve not had one,” said parent Laura Johnson.

Parents say they are concerned a kid could be hit and there have already been close calls.

“I’ve seen kids run back and forth because they don’t understand the symbol of the hand and it’s dangerous,” said parent Virginia Berbary.

In previous years, the staffing of crossing guards had been up to the now defunct Dallas County Schools, but with the disbanding of DCS the job has fallen to the City of Dallas. When asked by NBC 5 about crossing guard staffing at the intersection a spokeswoman with the City of Dallas said their records show it is staffed but as school let out Wednesday there were no crossing guards visible.

“There needs to be a grown up in reflective clothing with signs alerting people that there are children crossing here,” said parent Ashley Bradley.

Richardson ISD says they are aware of the parents’ concerns and have passed them along to the city but staffing the intersection is out of their hands.

“I won’t let my kids walk to school, I have a kindergartner this year and we were excited with nice weather to walk to school, I won’t do it,” Bradley said.

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