Cowboys Angling to Host the NFL Draft

Amid the drama of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys are thinking about more than their picks.

Owner Jerry Jones dropped some not-so-subtle hints Thursday that he wants to host the draft in North Texas.

"I'd love tangibly for our fans to get the chance to participate in that by having the draft here in the Dallas area and hopefully here at The Star," Jones said.

It was an idea well-received at a fan party at The Star for the second day of the 2017 draft Friday.

"I think he wants to have a party here today just to prove that he could do it, and I believe he could do it easily," said lifelong Cowboys fan Steve Price.

"It needs to come here," said Miyoshi Hicks, of Frisco.

For Hicks and her mother, Friday's draft watch party was their first visit to The Star. They took a tour where they crossed paths with the Cowboys first-round draft pick Taco Charlton.

"I reached out and said give grandma a hug, and he hugged me. They thought there were going to call 911 because I almost started hyperventilating," said mother Charmion Hicks-Polk.

With surfaces at The Star so clean you could probably eat a taco off them, one can't help but picture the possibilities.

One can't help but picture the possibilities.

"It would be so awesome if the draft could come here," said security guard Kristina White.

If it doesn't happen this year or the next, fans are counting on the Cowboys to do what cowboys do best: get right back in the saddle.

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