Couple Travels From NY to North Texas to Deliver Second Baby at Same Hospital as First Baby

When Naomi and Nelson Eke had their first baby 3-month premature they didn't plan on delivering at Baylor Hospital in Grapevine, but that was the plan for the couple's second child

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Naomi and Nelson Eke are the proud parents of two young daughters, Amira and Eliora. Both were born at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Grapevine. One birth was planned there, the other was not.

The unplanned Baylor delivery was last year. The couple was living in North Texas when Naomi experienced complications and delivered Amira three months early.

The Ekes moved from North Texas to New York last year.

"And a month later we found out we were expecting again," Naomi said.

"I completely blame the cold," Nelson said laughing. "It brings people together, the cold, you know!"

Knowing that Naomi might have some of the same complications, they weighed their options about where to deliver their baby.

"We toured some hospitals. They have good stuff here, but Baylor ruined every other place for me," Nelson said.

"Yeah, they spoiled my first baby," Naomi said.

So three months before baby Eliora was due, they made a plan to come back to North Texas to deliver at Baylor Grapevine. They left New York just as the COVID-19 infections were on the rise there.

"It was very scary," Naomi said. "A lot of friends reached out, like, you had a baby during a pandemic?"

"It was a big move for them, but we loved it," Claire Doddridge said. Doddridge was the Ekes' nurse. "They're adorable!"

Nelson said Doddridge made him feel useful at a time when all the father can do it watch and support.

"Women are such superheroes," Nelson said. "Claire would always come in and make conversation, keep me informed, and make me feel like I'm doing something, which I liked."

"I hope you guys come again and have another cold-weather baby," Doddridge laughed during a Zoom call with the Ekes. "Not anytime soon," Nelson laughed.

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