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Connect with Us: Virtual Games, Tour of Cowboys Season Thus Far

From the early days of video games, we've all been into the idea of being inside the game, walking around inside an electronic world. Now you can, thanks to virtual reality goggles.

You simply pull up an app or image on your smartphone, put your phone in a holder and slide it into the plastic goggles and you're in business.

Wayne Carter tried out a pair, walking through a virtual castle.

If you pick up a pair, NBC 5 wants you to be able to use them to Connect with Us. Try out our new virtual reality content for Dallas Cowboys fans.

You can recap each week in the 360 image below using your phone or a VR headset.


There’s an interactive look at this years season, from the prospective of the 50-yard line in the middle of AT&T Stadium.

“We're looking at ways to get this technology out and use it to tell good stories in North Texas,” said Peter Hull, NBC photographer.

For 30 bucks you finally get to go inside that video game --- and enjoy one of the coolest ways to keep track of the Cowboys.

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