Community Group Helps Homeless Register to Vote, Says Every Vote Matters

With the voter registration deadline quickly approaching, a community group in Dallas is on a mission to make sure everyone has the opportunity to make their voices heard in November -- particularly those who don't believe their voice matters.

"Our group believes in empowering people," said Richard Marcus, a volunteer deputy registrar who organizes voter registration drives in the Dallas area. "We try to work with people who are overlooked, who are not necessarily represented properly."

Monday, he and several other volunteers went to The Bridge, a center that serves more than 9,000 homeless adults annually in Dallas, and set up a voter registration drive there.

Although many of the people who rely on The Bridge's services don't have a permanent address, they can legally register to vote using the center's address.

"It gives them a sense that they belong to the community," said Marcus. "And they're a part of it and they can make a difference. That feeling is a wonderful feeling."

Marcus stresses the group is non-partisan and does not allow any campaign materials at its drives. Their primary goal, he says, is to encourage people to exercise their rights.

"We'll let them know how their vote really can make a difference and how they're a part of society," said Marcus.

The last time The Bridge held a drive, nearly 70 people registered to vote.

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