College Graduates Finding a Stellar North Texas Job Market

It's a big graduation weekend in North Texas. For many college grads that means a whole new adventure in the workplace. Those staying here in Texas are finding a job market with lots of options.

According to research by LinkedIn, Dallas/Fort Worth is the seventh-best market in the country when it comes to jobs for recent college grads. Austin is ninth on the list. New York City has the most job opportunities.

At University of North Texas, the end of college -- is also a beginning. Not only for parents seeing their children off, but for business majors who graduated Friday; they are about to write their own story.

"I don't know exactly where I'm going yet," said Scotty Cook, who is continuing his career in the Army. "I'm hoping one of three -- California, Germany or Japan."

Cook studied entrepreneurship. He hopes to return to his home state, eventually.

"Most of the people I've seen have been Texas-driven," he said. "That's just how Texas is, I think. It's one big family."

Cook is not alone. Many grads say they already have jobs lined up in North Texas.

"There are a lot of jobs in DFW," said Marne Davidson. "So it's not too difficult."

Davidson moved here with her husband to get away from cold Utah winters.  She interned at a mechanical construction company here in Texas, which offered her a job. 

"I fell in love with it and I've been hired on with their marketing team," she said.

Imeon Holmes' job search includes Texas and the Carolinas, but he's narrowed his choices down to Dallas.

"It's been interesting," said Holmes. "With my degree, you can fit into any industry."

The job market in North Texas, for these grads, is full of potential. They may not know where life's road will eventually lead them.

But they appear to be on the right path.    

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