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Cockfighting Raid Ends With 130 Birds Seized, 3 Arrested

Fort Worth police broke up a cockfighting event that ended in the arrests of three men, and 130 birds confiscated, but many had to be euthanized.

Officers were called to a home in the 4300 block of Windowmere Street just after 11 a.m. Sunday.

Police said 95 cocks, 17 hens and 18 chicks were seized. Seventeen recently-dead cocks were also found on the property.

"We humanely euthanized 90 roosters, all who were in some state of suffering," Diane Covey with the Fort Worth Animal Shelter said via email. "Some of the roosters were still wearing gaffs, they were bleeding from wounds, and/or near death."  Gaffs are the weapons strapped to the roosters' legs for fighting.

The Humane Society of North Texas told the Star-Telegram it is caring for several hens and chicks. Covey said the city shelter will work worth appropriate rescue organizations to place the rest of the birds.

Officers cited five people and three men were arrested. Police identified the arrested men as Andres Hernandez, 65; Melecio Diaz, 33; and Jorge Orozco-Carmona, 25.

Police say officers found Diaz in possession of 15-20 razor like claws, and during the investigation he admitted to putting three cocks into the ring to fight with other cocks.

Hernandez was also found in possession of several gaffs and slashers.

Orozco-Carmona told police he allowed people to have the cockfight on his property because they had nowhere else to fight, and according to police during the interview he told detectives he charged a $20 entry fee and organizers of the fight also gave him a percentage of the earnings.

Diaz and Orozco-Carmona face state felony cockfighting charges, while Hernandez faces a misdemeanor cockfighting charge.

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