Clean Up Continues After Sewage Overflow in Duncanville

Heavy rains impacted local creeks, resulting in the overflow

Duncanville Public Works continues cleaning up sewage overflow after the heavy rainfall this week.

According to the city, rainfall on December 26 and 27 contributed to the overflows of Mauk Branch Creek and Horne Branch Creek. The creeks are located near Little and South Main Street and the 700 block of Forest Circle.

Once the water overflow is under control, crews will continue to test samples at various points along the creeks to ensure the water and environment are safe.

People should avoid contact with waste material, soil, or water in the area potentially affected by the spill. If you do come into contact with waste material, soil, or water potentially affected by the spill, bathe and wash clothes thoroughly as soon as possible.

For more information, contact the Duncanville Public Works Wastewater Department at 972-780-4900.

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