Volunteers Helping America’s Newest Citizens

Classes Sponsored by Telemundo Dallas

A Metroplex organization is making strides to make sure that some residents achieve the ultimate goal of the American dream to obtain United States citizenship. 

The purpose is two-fold; one, they're learn how to speak English and the other, how to pass the citizenship exam.
"Some of the students could not answer the simplest of question like what is your name," said Anne Marie Weiss-Armush with DFW International Community Alliance. The organization partnered with NBCDFW's sister network Telemundo Dallas to provide these classes.
“We simply don't have classes in this region. The few classes that do exist take a few among of students or require a certain level of English proficient," Weiss-Armush said.
The students all plan to be United States permanent residents. On this day, they studied the Civil Rights Movement.
The learning spectrum in the classroom varies. 
There are students like Yoana Guerro who just two years ago graduated high school in Los Angeles and is now taking a refresher course.
"You forget things in high school—history…everything then comes back to you,” Guerro said.
Linda Flores, the other instructor notices the determination each student possess.
"You can tell how much they're working, how hard they're working to try and make this,” Flores said. 
The second series of these free classes will begin on June 6 at the Audelia Road Branch library in Dallas.  Registration is required, and can be made by calling DFW International Community Alliance at 972-661-2764.
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