City of West to Receive $10.4 Million in Lawsuit Settlement

A lawsuit involving a deadly fertilizer plant explosion in West has been settled before going to trial.

The city will receive a total of $10.44 million for damages not covered by insurance or grants from federal agencies.

This week, West City Council members approved a settlement the city filed against CF Industries,El Dorado Chemical Company, International Chemical Company and Adair Grain, Inc., manufacturers and suppliers of ammonium nitrate involving the fertilizer plant explosion that rocked the small central Texas town on April 17, 2013.

The explosion at West Fertilizer Co. plant killed 15 people and many others were injured.

The blast destroyed parts of West, including several streets, water lines and the sewer system.

The lawsuit claimed the defendants were "negligent in selling and/or distributing the involved agriculture grade ammonium nitrate, the defendants failed to properly warn of the dangers associated with the handling and storage of the product, and should have never sold the ammonium nitrate to West Fertilizer."

The companies involved claimed they were not responsible.

Under the terms of the settlement, CF Industries will pay $6.4 million; El Dorado Chemical will pay $3.9 million; Adair Grain, Inc. will pay $143,000. International Chemical is included in the settlements with CF Industries and El Dorado Chemical.

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