City Employees Rescue Thousands of Bees From Sofa in Irving Park

The Irving Fire Department said the bees were safely relocated

Irving Fire Department

Two Irving city employees rescued thousands of bees from a sofa left at an Irving park.

According to the Irving Fire Department, Engine 7 was requested by Solid Waste Services on Oct. 8 to spray down a couch infested with bees that someone dumped at Harrington Park.

The Fire Equipment Operator on Engine 7, James Bruno, was an aspiring beekeeper.

Bruno teamed up with Bill Sangster, Irving's Solid Waste Services manager and an amateur beekeeper, who had some beekeeping equipment with him.

Together, Bruno and Sangster safely captured the bees from the couch.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the two men cut open the sofa and found about a dozen pieces of honeycomb. They used a brush to gently scrape approximately 10,000 bees into the hive box.

The Irving Fire Department said the bees are safe and have been relocated.

“This was a happy coincidence that two city employees were trained how to save the bees,” Irving Fire spokesman Jason Reid told the Dallas Morning News.

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