Chip Gaines Gets Knocked Down, Gets Back Up Again at Baylor Game

Everyone knows "Fixer Upper" Chip Gaines is a huge Baylor alum and fan, but his latest trip to a basketball game has us singing the 1997 Chumbawamba hit "Tubthumping."

Gaines was in the front row Saturday when the Bears men's basketball team hosted Wichita State when suddenly he became part of the action in a courtside crash.

Baylor forward Nuni Omot, who is 6 foot 9 inches tall and 205 pounds, dove into the stands, and into Gaines' lap, while trying to save a loose ball.

Gaines took a direct hit and, in video posted on Twitter, only his boots could be seen as Omot struggled to get out of the stands.

Gaines, however, seemed unfazed.

In the immortal Tubthumping lyrics, "he got knocked down and got up again."

Gaines popped up and played to the roaring fans, took off his cap and riled up the crowd.

No doubt it was a Magnolia cap, but the basketball bumble gave fans a look at his new buzz cut.

Last month, Gaines snipped his hair -- which had been getting a tad bit unruly -- to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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