Katy Blakey

13-Month-Old's Memory Lives on Through NICU Care Packages

Inside the Ogletree home, coloring time for big sister Adalie has moved to the floor.

That's because the kitchen table is needed for a much bigger project. Boxes and bags full of donated items cover the table.

Everything from water tumblers to books, to tissues and chapstick, baby blankets and gift cards to cover gasoline and parking. 

Each one is something the mother of a newborn fighting in the neonatal intensive care unit would appreciate. 

Mother Lindsey Ogletree would know.

Her son Brody was born with more than a dozen birth defects and spent 397 days in the ICU.

"We have no rhyme or reason why he was born the way he was," Ogletree said. "It's just the way God made Brody."

Brody spent every moment of his precious life in the hospital.

"Even though his life was so short and only 13 months, he did so much in those 13 months and he's touched so many people and we just want to keep that going."

It's why Lindsey connected with other moms who've known love and loss to collect care packages for NICU moms at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas.

On Mother's Day weekend, they delivered 75 care packages for mothers they'll likely never meet.

"They are not alone," Lindsey said. "There are other people thinking about them. There are other people praying about them and they are not alone in this journey."

It's a project Lindsey hopes will keep growing, because she knows Brody is watching and lives on in each gift and act of kindness shown to another mother.

"We are able to help these moms and minister to these families because of Brody," Lindsey said. "Such a tiny baby, but he's what started all of this."

To read more about Brody's journey and the Ogletrees efforts to celebrate NICU mother's, click here.

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