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Child's Birthday Gift Bicycle Stolen Off Front Porch

A Mansfield woman says her grandson's new bicycle was stolen right off the front porch after it was delivered while the family was away on vacation. And it was all captured on video.

Linda Roman said the bicycle was specially made for her grandson, Holden, who has Down syndrome. Saturday is his sixth birthday, and now he won't be getting his special gift.

"It's a special-order bicycle. It's a Strider bicycle," Roman said. "Down syndrome children have hypotomia, which is low muscle tone, and this special bike is geared to help them learn how to ride a bike."

The bike was delivered to the house last week, but surveillance video at the home captured images of a man stopping his car in front of the house and boldly walking to the porch.

"He walks up the driveway like it's his house, just saunters up," Roman said.

Then the thief is seen hustling back down, with a bicycle box under his arm. He jumps into his car so quickly he starts driving away before the driver's side door is completely closed.

"When I see this, I get so upset to realize that man there came up, took my grandson's bicycle off the front porch, and there he goes running to his car like a coward," Roman said. "I just hope we can find him and get my grandson's bicycle back."

Roman believes someone will recognize the culprit from the surveillance video, and she's hoping they will speak up. She noted the car had duct tape on the window.

Police offered to give Holden another bicycle for his birthday, which is great, but the family is still hoping that Strider bike is returned.

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