Charity Donates New Bikes to Tornado Victims

Spokes 4 Hope donated new bikes to the children who live near Canton, after many of the childrens’ homes were damaged in the tornado outbreak.

After the donation, several of the children shared what it was like as those deadly storms approached them.

"We saw a tree and it was going in a circle and we all ran into the bathroom and when my dad shut the door, that's when you could hear it," Launa said.

"Your ears started popping, and it sounded like you were getting deaf for a second or two," Tucker said.

"It picked our house up and set it back down a few feet away from where it was," Launa said. "It kind of felt like, when it picked us up, you were in an elevator or airplane."

"Everyone was really scared," Joshua said.

"It kind of scares me a lot and it makes my stomach hurt," Junie said.

"They had everything concrete and cemented, then all of a sudden everything changes," said Spokes 4 Hope founder, Alton Wells. "Even though it's just a piece of metal and it's just a tangible thing, it gives them a little bit of freedom," Wells said.

"They don't just care about the adults, they care about the kids and I'm thankful for what they did," Tucker said.

The bike donations continued in Martin's Mill, Lone Star Santas helped deliver even more bikes outside Martin's Mill Elementary School. It was the Lone Star Santas' fourth delivery of toys in two weeks in East Texas.

Lone Star Santas Help Spokes 4 Hope Distribute Bikes

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