Catalytic Converter Theft Crackdown

Garland PD trying to stop thefts

Garland Police will etch identifying markings on catalytic converters for Garland residents this weekend.

Catalytic converter theft is an epidemic across the country because the price of platinum, one of the metals in the converter, has skyrocketed.

Thieves can get $40 to $50 for a converter by selling it to a scrap metal dealer.

Detectives say currently the most popular vehicles targeted by thieves seem to be Toyota SUV's.

Officers will etch identifying information on the catalytic converters of Garland residents, at no charge.

Officers will do this for anyone who owns at 1990-2008 Toyota pickup or SUV.

Operation Etch-N-Catch

Saturday November 8 - 10am-2pm

1891 Forest Lane

Garland Police Department

For information or to set an appointment call 972-205-1627


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