Cat Found Alive After Spending 3 Weeks in Storage Unit

One life down, eight to go for a house cat that was found alive three weeks after being trapped in an Oklahoma storage unit.

The cat's owners' neighbor, Jenny Wagnon, finished loading her belongings into a portable storage unit Jan. 1, according to KFOR-TV. She moved out of her home in Edmond, Oklahoma, the next day.

The Scogin family began to wonder where their cat, Donut, went.

"One day she was just not there and I was like, 'Mom, I haven't seen Donut all day. Where is she?'" Lily Scogin said. "We were like, 'Maybe she just went to another house and they were feeding her, so she just stayed.'"

Wagnon's storage unit sat in a warehouse for the next 21 days before an employee made a discovery.

"He basically said he was walking through the warehouse and could hear a cat meowing from my POD," Wagnon told KFOR.

Wagnon drove to Oklahoma City to check it out and found Donut. She then returned her to the Scogins.

"I put her in my car. She rode for a little while perched out the window meowing."

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