Teachers Rewarded With ‘Hero Pay' Gift

Crowley ISD gives teachers and all staff a "bonus" after a difficult fall semester

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For 15 years Ruth Dobles has educated students. It's her first year at Walker Elementary and her first time teaching virtually.

"My learning curve is just huge it's a lot," said Dobles. "We're doing the best we can, I'm pouring all the love and attention, it's reciprocated you focus on the inner child everything else works out."

Work out it did. Her students' test scores rose from the 40th to 70th percentile so far this year.

"I focused on from the beginning make sure they know I'm here for them," said Dobles. 

A huge gain in learning these first few months back in the saddle and so today she got thanks.

Crowley ISD is calling Ms. Dobles and all their teachers heroes. They went door to door, classroom to classroom, and handed out "hero pay". It's  2% of their annual salary, although they likely won't get a raise this year, due to the current economic climate.

"Thank you for your dedication your support your hard work, and for helping, wrapping your arms around our students. Thank you so much for your service.   that means a lot," said Mia Hall, board president, to one of her students.

While school board members did the honors today, principals said they're trying so hard to reward their staff daily.

"Appreciation goes a long way," said Principal Melanie Randall. "I see you, I acknowledge what you're going through, and thank you for showing up for me."

Classroom to classroom, teachers were bragging about their student's success and were grateful that someone saw the hard work they put in.

"I'm blushing right now," said Dobles. "What a great surprise!"

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