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Students Start Petition Against College Board After Registration Issues

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More students are coming forward saying The College Board denied them a chance to take a test they studied all year to complete.

Sina Mae Riebartsch had waited years for this moment.

"In middle school, I was kinda stupid in math, to be at the highest level and pass it good, it really meant a lot to me," said Riebartsch.

She signed up and paid for four tests, registered for them all at the same time.    Three tests went off without a problem but that math test she cared about, The College Board said she didn't sign up for it.

It's very similar to what happened to Erin Albertin. The College Board gives the test, they blamed Erin's school, Plano West High, saying someone there changed her "intent to test" from yes to no. So, could that have also happened to Riebartsch?

The College Board would not answer our multiple requests for an explanation as to what caused Riebartsch's problem. They only referred us to the same statement they gave us about Albertin.

"Normally we'd do everything in our power to allow students who hadn't registered to test. However, this year's online exams require a new process to certify students' credentials including generating a unique electronic ticket for each exam. As a result, we're unable to provide late registrations."

"I feel like The College Board won't listen to students," said Riebartsch.

She's not alone. Hundreds of people across the country have signed a petition asking The College Board to give these students a makeup test.

"I wish they would give us an explanation, we've had to guess as to why," said Riebartsch.

She will head to the University of North Texas this fall without that extra credit she dreamed of since middle school. She said that's alright, she'll just take the class again in college, and she will make an "A."

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