Parents in Prosper Prepare to Return to School

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It's back to school for students in the Prosper ISD on Wednesday with the majority of families opting to learn inside the school building.

District officials said they are taking steps to keep COVID-19 off-campus and parents are eager for children to have some part of the school year seem normal.

The Forbes family was there when Tylen graduated from pre-school last year and he’s been ready to head to "big kid school" and his first year of kindergarten to meet new friends.

His parents made the choice to send him to in-person learning, so he can be around his friends and connect to his campus.

"There are no promises, no guarantees to what Thursday is even going to look like but I’m grateful he has Wednesday he gets to go to his school he gets to meet his teacher in person. She’s going to be a real tangible person and it kinda just sets the tone," said Tessa Forbes, Tylen's mother.

65% of the families in Prosper ISD chose in-person learning when the numbers have trended the opposite way in many other districts across North Texas. 

Masks are required in the upper grades and strongly recommended for Tylen and the other little ones. No sharing of supplies or even computers and meals are pre-ordered and grab and go.

The Forbes family said they’re nervous about going back but want to take advantage of it now, worried they may not always have the chance.

"It’s inevitable that we’re going to get pulled back inside because no one really knows what to do our how to handle this," said Tessa.

Prosper ISD has a list of the changes they’re making on their website

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