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Fort Worth ISD Launches E-Learning Site After Battling Ransomware Attack

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The doors should be swinging open with students headed home after a full day in Fort Worth ISD schools.

Instead, students are home, some unable to even learn there after hackers installed a virus on Fort Worth ISD computers making it impossible to teach anything anywhere.

“We are making great progress in repairing the system. Brought out experts from outside and think we’ll be able to roll out online curriculum,” Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent Scribner said.

The district rolled out a website with links to online lessons to get students by for the rest of the week. All while the district works to get control of more systems.

“Email's back up, all students will have to reset their password this week. We want to come up in a logical, organized, deliberate way, so an attack doesn't come back again,” Scribner said.

Once Fort Worth ISD gets control of computers, it still has to figure out how to get more technology in students' hands.

“What we’re worried about is our elementary schools. Not every family has reliable, robust WiFi. Our nonprofits and business community want to help," Scribner said. "We think there’s an opportunity there to look our disadvantaged communities and provide opportunities."

For now, several links are online and they will give content to students for the next week and a half.

Scribner said if school is closed longer, he wants further learning to take place and more robust lessons will go online.

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