Carrollton Truck Driver Hailed As a Hero for Saving Kids When School Bus Caught Fire

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A truck driver from Carrollton is gaining recognition for saving the lives of a Kentucky high school football team when their bus caught fire.

Alvin Edwards was driving on Interstate 75 in Kentucky on Sept. 24 when he noticed the bus was on fire and eventually flagged down a coach.

"I said 'the bus is on fire, the wheel is on fire, you need to pull the bus over,'" said Edwards.

Edwards got the bus driver to pull over and sprung into action using a fire extinguisher but it wasn't enough.

"At this point, I see the fire I say, 'It's not going out, it's not going to go out, it's getting worse, everybody get out, get out of the bus, everybody get out,'" said Edwards.

Everyone got out safely.

Edwards is the father of a high school football player and said he couldn't help going into protection mode.

"There's no way in the world I could have not done anything when I see a school bus with kids in it on fire," he said.

Edwards says he wasn't supposed to be going that direction on I-75, he had made a wrong turn after pulling over to get something to eat.

The team honored Edwards by inviting him and his family back to Kentucky for their rivalry game on Oct. 1.

Edwards received a key to the city, a proclamation and a signed jersey from the football team. The number on the jersey was 35, the same number of people on the bus.

Edwards was also named a Kentucky Colonel, the highest honor given by the state's governor.

No word on the malfunction that led to the fire.

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