Carrollton Saves Water With Landscaping

Water Conservation Gardens teach residents how to save water

Summer is just around the corner, and the City of Carrollton is preparing for the heat by teaching residents how to conserve water.

The city is building two gardens to show how landscaping can save water.

Doris Brockman walks around one of the water conservation gardens each day.

"It's really a wonderful addition to think we can have plants grow without having a lot of watering to be done," Brockman said.

Valerie Miller, who works for the city, said plants do not need to be watered as often as many people think. The jobs of the water conservation gardens are to teach people how to use landscape to save water.

"You can still have a lush, flowery, homey garden that still has butterflies and a healthy habitat for insects that still uses little water and fun to use," she said.

Miller said now is a good time to plant, but the key to water conservation is healthy soil and native plants.

Carrollton resident Frank Castleberry said the gardens are full of new possibilities.

"If we can get a plants that live on a lot less water, let's go for that, and we will learn to love them," Castleberry said.

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