Career Makeover Starts with Cosmetic One

After being laid off from corporate America, Karen Williams is hoping a cosmetic makeover will improve her chances of landing a new job. 

"I know I'm not a shopper.  I know that I haven't spent the time, and I felt like I had an opportunity to freshen my look," Williams said.

She turned to stylist Ladan Zarrabi. 

"A nice image is really important, and being feminine is important but very strong," Zarrabi's plan for Williams included:

  • A new haircut and color
  • Makeup that draws attention to Williams' eyes
  • More colorful clothing that flatters Williams' shape

"My hopes are that I guess the best me comes out in this process," Williams said.

A typical makeover with Zarrabi starts at around $200.  But Williams sees it as an investment. 

"You have to buy clothes anyway.  You have to get your hair cut anyway.  So why not have someone who's an expert teach you how to do it well?"  Williams said.

Three hours later, the new Karen Williams stepped out of the salon ready for a job interview the next day. 

"I feel taller, straighter and stronger," she said.

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