Caraway Tape Excerpt

The following are excerpts of the tape released by the Dallas Police Department recorded while they responded to a domestic disturbance call at interim Mayor Dwaine Caraway's home on Jan. 2

Caraway speaks about disagreement with his wife. He's behind a door inside the house, he says:

"She was kicking the door, she's doing everything damn thing under the sun."

"I don't need to be on the news, she don't need to be on the news."

"I think Barbara has a chemical imbalance I hate to say that but I think that is probably what it is."

"She sometimes can get in a fit of rage. It's not about infidelity, it's not about me hitting her."

"She' s the smartest person in the world and when she gets set off, everybody just gets out of the way. And she took it too far tonight."

Police report said wife used a knife, evidently trying to open the door. On tape caraway says:

"Knives came into play but not where it's right there with my eyes."

"I don't think Barbara had intentions of hurting me, but in the midst of a fit of rage, you never know what will happen. "

"It's important that Larry (her brother) and her family get involved because they need to get some kind of counseling."

Unknown Detective: "You're showing concern so we've got to show concern, too"

Caraway: "I'm not going to continue to put myself in an uncomfortable and dangerous situation, potentially."

"If we were to get a divorce, I would leave this house for a week or two weeks."

"I would leave this house and they could pull a truck up and take everything out of there."

"My parents live two streets over."

On the tape, detectives suggest this visit and documentation of it could be evidence for a divorce.

They want to go inside and see Barbara Mallory Caraway which the reports show they eventually did, concluding no crimes occurred.

Going into house, recording continues. They tell him that they will make a report.

"We have to do that."

Caraway says: "OK"

Recording ends before entering house.

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