Candice Romo Debuts New Line of Baby Sprays To Make Parents’ Lives Easier

The talented other half of the Romo duo, Candice, is rolling out a new line of baby sprays

Candice Romo was experiencing what many parents go through on a daily basis—backtalk from her kids—when she had an idea.

"When one of them starts acting sassy, or misbehaving…Sassy Spray was born!”

The talented wife of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a normal mom who had a brilliant idea: spray the problems away.

With the help of her best friend Hollie Siglin, Candice Romo’s idea to create a spray to stop the sass was turned into clever new product line.

The best friend duo have rolled out a line of baby sprays called Hawk+Sloane, named after Romo’s son Hawk and Siglin’s daughter Sloane, to tackle typical problems that accompany parenthood.

There are six sprays in total, each with a specific purpose, but all with the intent to make life a little bit easier.

Sassy Spray, the line’s original fast fix for backtalk, is a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and vitamins to quickly quiet a sassy child.

Romo’s 2-year-old son Rivers calls it “yucky.”

"I joke that you can use sassy spray on the husbands as well,” she said. “They probably need it more than the toddlers half the time.”

Scary Spray has a mixture of “calming essential oils” with the purpose of spraying the monsters away before bedtime.

“I said, let's spray the Scary Spray and [the monsters] will know not to come in your room,” Siglin said about using the spray to calm her daughter.

“She was immediately fine,” Siglin added.

Sleepy Spray can be used right after Scary Spray. The lavender-infused formula is meant to be spritzed in the room for a restful sleep.

“Sleep Fairy approved,” the Hawk+Sloane website said.

The smell of dirty diapers is likely a nightmare for those with very young children. Stinky Spray is used for just that.

“We’ve had moms use it for their nursery, keeping the nursery clean, spraying the diaper pail,” Romo said. “It smells really good and it takes that scent out immediately."

It has a “pleasing citrus scent,” the website said.

And while you’re tossing out that stinky diaper, spritz on some “micronized silver” infused Soothie Spray to “calm and soothe the diaper area.”

“If his bottom is red and irritated or he gets irritated cheeks it works,” Siglin said.

But dirty diapers pale in comparison to the possibility of lice. Lice Spray has a combination of ingredients used to prevent the insect from hopping on a child’s head.

“We have all of the proven [ingredients]: Tea Tree, Rosemary, Thyme, Peppermint,” to prevent lice, Siglin said.

The pack of six sprays retail for $59.99, and there are options to buy each one individually as well for varying prices.

But there may be one spray missing...

“Wine spray, when you're feeling stressed!” Romo laughed.

Check out the website to order your own Hawk+Sloane products.

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