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Camel Falls in Azle Swimming Pool, Gets Stuck

A woman in Azle got quite a surprise when she looked out her window recently.

Chana Dale says she found a camel in her family's backyard swimming pool.

Yes, a camel.  

The fact that there was a camel in the pool didn't surprise her. Dale has owned the camel for a while.

She says she was surprised because the animal doesn't get in the pool, so she figured someone left the pool gate open and he wandered in from his yard.

Dale thinks the camel fell in, got to the side of the pool and got too tired to get out.

Dale tried to pull him out with a rope, but it didn't work.

Then she attempted to push him back in the water so she could then walk him back to the steps, but she said he wasn't having it.

So, she went inside to change since she figured she'd have to get in the pool to help get him out.

When she walked back outside, the camel finally decided to stand up and she was able to walk him out of the pool and out of the yard.

Dale says they got a camel because her husband rode one when they were on vacation in Jamaica and decided they had to have one of their own.

They also own a kangaroo and a lemur, among many other animals.

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