Calls For Lightning Protection Increase After Severe Storms

North Texas lightning protection companies are busy after recent storms sparked house fires.

Workers at Bonded Lightning Protection in Argyle said calls have increased from people concerned about lightning striking their home.

"The calls come in and it’s usually not the person that gets hit," Eddie Schoenthal said. "It's usually the neighbors."

A typical lightning protection system includes several lightning rods positioned on the roof line. Those rods are linked to a network of copper wires running from the rod to the ground.

Schoenthal said if lightning strikes your home that system should be 99 percent effective in preventing serious damage.

“It will keep the lightning from blowing a chimney off or burning a hole in the roof,” said Schoenthal. “We’re giving [lightning] the least resistant path that it’s looking for.”

The cost of installation depends on the size of your home and your roof line, but Schoenthal says a 2,000-square foot home could start as low as $4,000.

Some insurance companies do offer a discount for installing lightning protection.

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