Calatrava Not Happy About Some Bridge Aspects

Bridge cost an estimated $182 million to build

With all the hype surrounding the official opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge you would think even the famous architect, Santiago Calatrava, would be excited about his creation, but maybe not.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Calatrava criticizes the bridge saying, “I told them they didn’t need all those ramps.” He is, of course, referring to the ramps that head in six different directions and cost $100 million alone to design.

According to Bloomberg, Calatrava, would have rather seen the land next to the bridge sold and developed.

Reports suggest the bridge cost $182 million to build and is part of an even bigger Trinity River project.

While a big celebration has already been held for unveiling the bridge, traffic cannot start crossing the bridge until March 29.

So the question now is will you use it? Or as some suggest is it just a bridge to nowhere?

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