Bullet Pierces Bedroom Window, Narrowly Misses Sleeping Couple

Random shooting shakes family from their sleep

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A North Oak Cliff family fears laying down for bed after a random shooting outside their window caused a bullet to pierce through their bedroom and their TV.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The homeowners called on their neighbors to speak up and report gunfire, in hopes it would lead to more of a police presence.

It was about 2:30 a.m. Sunday when Carmen Ayala said she woke to the sound of shots near the home.

She felt her window vibrate, but had no idea how close Dallas’ gun violence would strike until morning.

“It’s very scary because we could’ve died or gotten hurt,” Ayala said. “Anything could’ve happened and we were asleep.”

Ayala and her fiancé, David Fonseca, said they’ve grown used to hearing gunshots on weekends in the past three months.

“Really, really concerned,” Fonseca said. “Somewhat angry.”

“This morning at 9 when we got up, when we turned our TV on and there was a big bullet hole in the TV,” Ayala said.

The bullet pierced their window, television set and lodged inside a wall just feet from their bed.

The shaken couple called 911 to report the near tragedy.

“I asked why isn’t there more patrolling around here, if this happens every weekend and the answer to that is: There’s been no reports,” she said.

Ayala said she wanted to come forward about their situation in order to bring awareness.

The family is calling on neighbors to speak up and report gunshots in hopes of restoring safety and peace of mind.

“I don’t know if, when we lay down tonight, if it’s going to happen again,” Fonseca said.

NBC 5 reached out to Dallas police for information on the early morning shooting.

DPD has yet to release information about what is believed to have led to the shooting, if anyone else was hurt and if there was any information about the suspect or suspects involved.

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