Bryant's Mother Declines to Press Charges

DA's office says it will evaluate case to determine how to proceed

The mother of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant does not want to press assault charges against her son, NBC 5 has learned.

Bryant is accused of assaulting Angela Bryant during an argument at her home on July 14. Police arrested Dez Bryant on a misdemeanor family violence charge on July 16.

NBC 5 has learned that DeSoto police took affidavit of non-prosecution to the Dallas County District Attorney's office on Monday afternoon.

Angela Bryant signing the document could effectively end the prosecution of her son on the family violence charge.

The district attorney's office said Monday that "just like any family violence case, we still have to evaluate the case to determine how to proceed."

Pete Schulte, a criminal defense attorney who used to handle similar cases for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, said the case is far from over.

"Regardless of what Dez's mother wants to do, the state of Texas can pursue these charges without the mother being on board," he said. "I mean, if the DA dismissed every case that the ... alleged victim wanted to drop charges, 90 percent of the charges would get dropped."

Prosecutors could use the 911 tape and the arrest report to build a case against Dez Bryant, he said.

DeSoto police said last week that two things they looked for in the case was the presence of physical evidence and the victim's willingness to testify.

NBC 5's Randy McIlwain and Ellen Goldberg contributed to this report.

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