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Bowie High Students Remember Murdered Classmate

Friday after school, students at Bowie High released balloons in remembrance of classmate Anthony Strather.

"It's just hard seeing my school go through this, like seeing people I care about that cared about him just hurt and sad and they're just not themselves because that was like a really bad tragedy for them," classmate Nilah Strickland said.

His grandfather told NBC 5, Strather was a standout football player and caring young man.

"He cared about people in general," Lawrence Smith said.

Police said Strather may have been trying to break up a fight before he was shot and killed.

Police says six to 10 teens followed Strather and two of his friends into a nearby neighborhood when a fight broke out. Someone pulled a gun and started shooting hitting Strather, another teen and a man inside his nearby home. The teen and bystander did not have life-threatening injuries.

"Tony was a beautiful kid," Smith said. "I mean he, everyone loved him. His teammates loved him."

Police say a student recorded cellphone video of the fight and they are working now to identify any witnesses or a possible shooter.

"We are confident that the coaches and administrators will be able to point out exactly who was in that video and then at that point it's simply the process of elimination," Arlington Police officer Lt. Christopher Cook said. "Since no one has come forward we are going to be calling those kids in one by one interviewing them."

Strather's classmates are hoping people do come forward.

"It doesn't matter if you are trying not to be a snitch and you want to be cool like, he died, he lost his life, he deserves, you know justice," Strickland said.

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