State Fair of Texas

Big Tex's New Shirt Revealed Ahead of the 2022 State Fair of Texas

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The State Fair of Texas has revealed the shirt Big Tex will wear during the 2022 fair season.

Four shirts were laid out on the field at the Cotton Bowl in anticipation of a big announcement on Friday morning. The shirts represented those worn by Big Tex during the last four years of the State Fair of Texas.

Texas Sky Ranger

Fort Worth-based Dickie's has been Big Tex's exclusive outfitter for the past 20 years.

It takes two weeks for workers to make his western shirt that runs a size 200 by 325, and they make it out of awning material so it can withstand a month out in the elements.

The 55-foot-tall Texan welcomes millions of visitors to the State Fair every year, and he is a destination for fairgoers to behold.

This season, Big Tex will stand tall over the State Fair for his 70th year.

Two weeks from now, the State Fair of Texas will open to visitors who can marvel at Big Tex's immense size and his brand new outfit.

The fair will run for three weeks, from Sept. 30 to Oct. 23.

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