Beef the Way Mother Nature Intended

What started out as a labor of love to keep their own family healthy has turned into a bustling business for Jon and Wendy Taggart.

"It's very heartfelt for me," said Wendy Taggart, with Burgundy Pasture Beef. "I mean when my kids were little,  I began to become interested, wanting to know where our food came from, what was in it, all those issues."

Wendy and her husband Jon started the family business about 10 years ago by raising USDA certified beef themselves. Real food, earthy flavor, and the quest for something a lot healthier, are just a few reasons why Burgundy Pasture Beef in Grandview keeps it local.

The cattle roam on wide open pastures free of fertilizers and pesticides, and you won't find the Taggarts adding any hormones to this beef.

"The cows are out here on the grass, where they will spend their entire life until we use them," said Jon.

They have also set up a butcher shop where you can buy cuts of beef or grab a burger at the burger stand.
"We do actually, probably, the largest selection of beef cuts that you will see in any store anywhere because we are in the business of selling the whole cow," said Wendy.

The Taggarts work with other farmers who have the same philosophy, allowing them to also sell grass-fed pork and lamb along with a selection of raw milk, cheese and eggs.

"We network with other local producers," said Wendy. "My husband and I, we specialize in beef. A family we work with, we offer some of their cheeses. They raise a free range pork and we process, cut and package the pork here."

That sits well with customers who come for lunch. 

"We come over here for lunch because it's wonderful, it's organic. The food is great and the atmosphere is great," said customer Debbie Tillery.

And if you think Burgundy Pasture Beef is a little too far to drive, consider this, for a small fee and minimum poundage the company will deliver right to your front door.

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