Is Your Baby Not Sleeping Like One?

North Texas woman might be able to help

As a new parent, you expect many sleepless nights, but when the sleep deprivation continues for months on end, it can take a toll.

Now, some North Texas parents are calling Baby You, a sleep consultant agency that teaches them and their babies how to get a good night sleep.

"Not every family has the same goals, and so we talk about their parenting philosophy, the personality of the baby, and come up with a plan that meets those goals," said Angel Crow, a certified infant sleep consultant.

Crow helped Erika Holland who said she was at her wit's end from sleep deprivation. 

"Austin cried all the time," Holland said. " And it wasn't just the fussy period that a lot of kids have between 5 and 8. It was, literally, 24 hours a day for three months straight." 

After a two-hour consultation, Crow discovered that like a lot of babies, Austin was extremely tired.

Crow's plan to get Austin sleeping through the night included an earlier bed time along with a bedtime routine. She recommended the family stop using the pacifier because it had become a sleep prop. She also recommended a 10 p.m. feeding to ensure the baby had enough food to sleep until the morning.
"Angel came on a Saturday, Saturday night we implemented (the plan.) It was brutal. I will say that," Holland said. "She screamed a lot, but, by Sunday we put her to bed at 7, and 7 o'clock the next morning, my husband and I looked at each other, and just couldn't believe what time it was and that we'd gotten the first full night sleep since she was born. It was incredible."
At 9 months old, Austin now regularly sleeps 12 hours a night, and takes two naps every day.

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