Arlington's Bus Pilot Program Begins Rolling in Two Weeks

Two-year shuttle service between downtown, CentrePort TRE station begins Aug. 19

Arlington's first taste of public transportation will begin in just more than two weeks.

Metro Arlington Xpress, the city's two-year bus service pilot program, will depart from the corner of Center and Border streets in downtown Arlington at 5:35 a.m. on Aug. 19.

"This is a new opportunity for the city and the region that hasn't been out there before," said Alicia Winkelblech, city planning manager.

Arlington has long been known as the largest U.S. without public transportation.

With the launch date around the corner, the city is putting the finishing touches on MAX, which includes three buses. Two will run regularly and be Wi-Fi-equipped.

"Instead of sitting in traffic, you can be on the bus, the TRE," Winkelblech said. "Then getting on the bus, you can drink your coffee, relax, not stress about your commute, read a book, work on your laptop."

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority and Dallas Area Rapid Transit are providing the buses in a tri-party deal with Arlington.

The city is already talking about expanding the route from its current plan of two stops -- downtown Arlington and the CentrePort Trinity Railway Express station -- to include Arlington's entertainment district. An exact location has not yet been determined but is expected to be finalized by November.

"It is a flexible service, and we recognize that as a pilot project and as a service that the city has never done before," Winkelblech said. "We may need to be making tweaks along the way."

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