Arlington Police Fight Road Rage, Aggressive Driving and Street Racing

Road rage continues to be a major issue in North Texas, and now Arlington police are taking a hard-line stand in a big way.

This comes after a 19-year-old was killed on June 26 in Arlington, and while that case remains unsolved, police are stepping up enforcement.

Arlington police teams have issued 143 citations for aggressive driving, road rage and street racing as part of the crack down.

Officers also made 115 traffic stops and arrested three people. On Tuesday night, a woman was arrested in a drag-racing incident that ended in a crash.

Texas Department of Transportation cameras captured an image of the backup at about 7:15 p.m. The multi-vehicle crash happened along Interstate 20 near Cooper Street after multiple cars crashed and one person was hurt.

Arlington police arrested Demetria Pryor and charged her with driving while intoxicated and racing on a highway causing serious bodily injury. Police say they have issued a zero-tolerance policy for this type of thing and want drivers to be aware and pay attention.

"So many people families are out on the road. Take the time to be considerate of other people that are on the road with you. Once you start an incident, no one could predict the outcome," said Sgt. Vanessa Harrison, with the Arlington Police Department.

Police say they will continue the enhanced enforcement crusade on Arlington roads indefinitely.

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