Arlington Mom Reunites San Antonio Family With Baby Book Following NBC 5 Report

It’s not often that Jodie Thompson, who lives in San Antonio, gets Facebook messages from strangers who live nearly 300 miles away.

So, she was a bit surprised when she logged in recently and saw that a woman named Macy McCoy, who was from Arlington, was trying to reach her.

“I was like, 'Who is this and what do they want?'” said Thompson, who spoke to NBC 5 via FaceTime.

McCoy found a baby book at a used book sale in Arlington, full of memories about a girl named Abigail Thompson – and she wanted to find out if it belonged to them.

“I was looking at the pictures and the sonograms and some information,” said Thompson. “And I was like, 'Yes, that is definitely our book.'”

McCoy showed the book to NBC 5 back in July in hopes of finding the Thompsons. Not long after that story aired, someone reached out to her on Facebook.

“They said that they thought they’d found a phone number for the mom,” said McCoy. “So I called it, but it was disconnected. Then later in the day, they wrote me again and said I think I found the mom on Facebook.”

Indeed, she had found them.

“It’s very exciting,” said McCoy. “I know they probably missed it.”

Thompson believes her husband accidentally donated the book when they were trying to get rid of clutter in their house some time ago. She admits she didn’t even realize it was gone until she got McCoy’s message – but she’s thrilled to get it back.

“The sonograms [in the book] are the one thing that I really couldn’t replace,” said Thompson. “So those are special.”

She said she can’t thank McCoy enough for going through all that trouble to return it.

“You know, there are good people still,” said Thompson.

McCoy put the book in the mail Monday.

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