Arlington Student Dead in Kennedale Shooting

Police in Arlington and Kennedale are searching for at least one person who shot and killed an 18-year-old Martin High School student near a car wash in north Kennedale Monday afternoon.

Officers from Arlington, Mansfield and Kennedale were called to the 6300 block of Treepoint Drive at about 4 p.m. Monday after witnesses reported seeing multiple people firing several gunshots.

The victi was found shot in the middle of the street and pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators said the shooters and victim attended high school together in Arlington, and the shooting may have been the result of an earlier incident at school.

"Apparently this has to do with something that occurred at Martin High School, so these are Arlington students," Kennedale Police Chief Tommy Williams said. "So hopefully they'll have some information on people we're looking for."

Williams said there were many potential witnesses at the crime scene when police arrived.

Police are investigating after a man was found shot and killed near a car wash in north Kennedale.

"I got a phone call that he got shot and I raced here," Kenneth Levy, father of the victim's friend, said. "I just picked up my son from school and just came straight here.

Friends of the victim told NBC 5 he was a senior, who had been a member of the Martin High Warrior football team and was the father of a young child.

"It’s a tough day," Martin High School Principal Marlene Roddy said. "It’s always difficult when we lose a student in any capacity."

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