Arlington Family Behind Cotton Candy Empire

If you've had cotton candy at a Rangers game, Cowboys game, Six Flags Over Texas, or really any big event in North Texas, it can likely be traced to an unassuming building in the shadow of Arlington's playground.

It's where the Mahanay family runs a growing cotton candy empire. 

"Nobody knows we're here," said Melissa Mahanay with County Fair Foods.

What starts with a bucket of a sugar weaves into a fluffy treat shipped all over the country.

"It's sugar, that's all. Sugar and love," smiles Mahanay.

The Mahanays have been perfecting the recipe since 1993. Now with a growing factory and expanding list of special flavors, cotton candy wasn't originally their focus.

That changed when the late Perry Mahanay bought a cotton candy machine and put his young sons to work.

"We started making cotton candy in our living room," said Perry Mahanay Jr. "It was all over the house and started selling it down the street at a local convenience store."

With a lot of hustle and a whole lot of sugar, the Mahanays keep expanding, delivering a taste that never seems to grow old.

"It's just that smile that comes across their face, the surprise and the flavor that's there at the same time," said Perry Mahanay. "It doesn't ever seem to go away."

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