Arlington Coach Offers Safe Place for Teens to Talk About Timberview HS Shooting

Coach opens training facility as a safe space for students to discuss recent school shooting

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A former pro-athlete and mentor opened up his training facility in Arlington Sunday to make a safe place for teenage boys to open up about the shooting at Timberview High School last week.

"As a coach, a mentor, I want them to know that I'm here for them," said Terrance Sanders who wants teenage boys to know they've got someone willing to listen.

Sanders put the call out to join him at his athletic facility FNTS Powerhouse Sports Complex in Arlington, to have a heart-to-heart about the shooting.

"I train a lot of kids at Timberview and I was just praying to God that nobody gets hurt," Sanders said.

He knew there were teenagers in his community working to process their frustrations and fears surrounding what happened.

Sanders wanted to provide a safe space to ask questions and expect honest, unfiltered answers.

Sanders said it's all about mentoring, especially young men who don't have fathers at home and often rely on guidance from their coaches.

"They've got somebody they can come sit down and talk to. Don't matter what time, what's going on in their life. I would never turn a kid away," Sanders said.

Last week's shooting also prompted the nonprofit Communities in Schools to promote mental health awareness with an event in Kylde Warren Park.

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