AMC Theaters Adopt New Age Restrictions

AMC Theaters across North Texas are rolling out a new attendance policy requiring anyone under 17 years of age to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21 after 9 p.m. on the weekends.

For some families, an enjoyable evening at the Grapevine Mills AMC Theater can end with a bit of concern.

"You do see big packs of kids that are obviously pretty young in a large group," said Coppell resident, Elise Myers.  "They're loud and they kind of are aggressive."

"You can tell they're not doing anything and they're doing something sketchy," said Myers' teenage daughter, Regan.

These are just two of the reasons the Myers family was happy to hear AMC Theaters have adopted a new policy.  Some locations are handing out cards explaining kids under 17 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21 on weekends after 9:00PM.

"I think its a good idea because it gets a little crazy around here on the weekends," said Elise Myers.

"We are protective and we'd like that parental supervision," said Regan's father, Ronnie Myers.

Its a slightly different story for Lance White and his 17-year-old daughter Whitney.

"I guess there's some kids that are doing bad things so its hard to regulate it," she said.

For Whitney's father, the issue is more about notification.  At Grapevine Mills AMC Theater, there are no signs posted about the age restrictions anywhere near the self serve ticket kiosks sitting in front of the doors to the theater.  The only sign is posted inside the theater.

"They better get the word out or they're going to have some very irritated people, parents included" said White.  "If they don't know the rules and their kids had planned on going to the movies and they get out there and can't get in, it's really going to frustrate some people."

Those frustrations could lead some to make other plans.

"I definitely wouldn't come back with my parent," said Whitney.  "I would just not come, so they're losing money off that."

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