Lexie Houghtaling

Local Women's Group Buys Allison Bevers Pig, Money Plans to go Toward Her Mother's Investigation

At the Ellis County Youth Expo on Saturday, you would have found a group of women dressed in pink and ready to make some noise.

At the event, high school students show and sell livestock that they have spent time raising, many of the students using their earnings for their college education.

The Ellis County Women in Business came out excited to buy from some of the female students, and their excitement only grew when they saw Allison’s Bevers' pig was up for sale.

“We said 'would that not be so incredible to purchase her pig,'" said Tara Yarbough, a founding member of the organization.

Yarbough said many of the group members knew Allison’s mother, Missy Bevers.

Bevers was killed nearly two years ago at Creekside Church where she arrived early for a workout class.

Her murder is still unsolved.

Allison decided that she would put her earnings from the Expo into the investigation of her mother’s death.

"I think it spoke volumes that it was what she wanted to do,” said Yarbough.

After an exciting bidding war, the organization purchased Allison’s pig for $15,000.

"We got to wrap our arms around her, and there were lots of tears,” said Yarbough.

Yarbough said the group is happy to help and support Allison.

The Midlothian Police Department released this statement in regard to the funds that will go toward the investigation:

We at the Midlothian Police Department are very proud of Allison Bevers and the efforts that led to her success at the Ellis County Expo. We know that Allison’s efforts are deeply personal and we will support her in any way possible. We have not discussed how the funds could be used, but we have high hopes that they are used in a way that brings Allison and her family a sense of accomplishment.

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