Allen Neighbors Concerned Over Airbnb Rentals

Experience a city like a local. That’s the way Airbnb, a short-term home rental company, bills itself on its website.

But some neighbors in Allen say that luxury is coming at a cost.

Watters Crossing, a community of 700 homes, recently had its first Airbnb listing in the neighborhood.

The listing describes the neighborhood as being family-oriented, and great for couples or solo adventurers. It also says it’s a place to have a bachelorette hangout.

Neighbors say the listing has attracted a variety of people in recent weeks and that noise has become a problem late at night.

“I wouldn't want it next to me,” said Watters Crossing resident Denny Adelman.

Adelman, who's also on the HOA board says short-term rentals are prohibited in Watters Crossing.

He says the HOA could take action, but hasn't.

Why? Because of a bill, SB 451, making its way through the state legislature that would regulate short term rentals on a state level.

According to the bill's sponsor, Senator Kelly Hancock of North Richland Hills, "Local jurisdictions have created an inconsistent patchwork of rules and regulations across the state of Texas."

“I don't understand that at all,” said Adelman.

Adelman is against the bill because he feels control should stay on the local level.

“That's why we have zoning. That's why we have Hilton Garden Inn across the street and we're over here,” he said.

Adelman says attorneys have advised the HOA to hold off taking any action until they see if the bill is passed.

The point, he says, isn't to punish homeowners but to keep problems that come with people “getting away,” from getting out of hand.

Watters Crossing isn't the only neighborhood in Allen with listings on Airbnb. 

A subdivision just north of Watters Crossing has at least a half dozen listings.

"I’d say that’s probably about enough. Not to many more would be good," said neighbor Jennifer Revious.

SB 451 has already cleared the state senate.

If it's going to become law anytime soon, the state house will have to approve it by May 23, the last day of the legislative session.

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