Alleged Hit-and-Run Driver Dies in Vehicle Fire After Crashing Into Pillar: Police

An alleged hit-and-run driver died in a vehicle fire after crashing into a bridge support Tuesday morning fleeing a previous crash, Fort Worth police say.

The driver of a silver Nissan struck a bridge support south of downtown Fort Worth on West Morningside Drive and South Main Street at about 3 a.m., police said.

The driver was trapped inside when the fire started and died, officials said.

A witness told police that the driver of the Nissan was involved in hit-and-run crash moments before with his Chevrolet Impala, police said. The Impala driver said the person who died struck his car on Hemphill Street and left the crash, police said.

The Impala driver called 911 as he followed the driver, who then crashed into the bridge support, police said.

No other information was available.

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