Alvarado Man on Wrong Side of Tracks

Johnson County may remove the only way Bruce Timmons can get home.

Bruce Timmons crosses the railroad tracks near his home several times a day. It's the only way he can reach his house, which is set back in the woods about 500 yards.

But the Johnson County man could find himself on the wrong side of tracks if the city of Alvarado goes ahead with plans to remove the railroad crossing.

"I kinda think that I will have to end up moving", Timmons says. "I can't live in a house I can't get to".

The city wants another crossing, this one leading to a proposed industrial park. Burlington Northern says it won't allow it unless the city removes two others.

"It's just one person that uses that crossing" leading to Timmons' house says Alvarado city manager Don Ives.

But the city still hasn't secured all the rights to another way leading to Bruce Timmons' home.

"They lack that one little easement", Timmons says, "probably a football field length". That's all it could take to leave Timmons without a way to get home.

Council members were all set to vote on the new crossing Monday night, but put off the vote until at least next month. They hope that's enough time to find another way to get Bruce Timmons home.

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